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Virtual Page Turner

End the problem of turning pages

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could turn pages without your hands? Using this program you can. Virtual Page Turner lets you scan your music into your computer and then use your computer to view the music on the piano and turn the page with a foot switch. Virtual Page Turner was written by me to solve the problem of getting someone to turn pages during concerts and also avoid the arcane ways of pasting together pages so you can manage to play through the piece.

Virtual Page Turner allows you to view your music on your laptop or monitor and turn pages using a footswitch freeing your hands to keep playing the music. Virtual Page Turner runs on Apple OS X, and Windows XP and Vista, and Linux operating systems. It's possible to scan your music in directly from Virtual Page Turner when using the Windows version. (Note: The Apple version currently doesn't have this feature but otherwise it works identically. )

Virtual Page Turner is licensed under the Gnu Public License Version 3. There are a number of reasons why I chose to use the GPL. The first and foremost is that I agree with the philosophy of the free software foundation. You can find out more about this at

Some side effects I have found from using Virtual Page Turner:

  1. It makes it easy to keep music in one place .
  2. It makes it easy to keep music in the right order.
  3. The viewing modes make it possible to enlarge the music

For more information about Virtual Page Turner, check out the features below and also the FAQ.

About Virtual Page Turner

Virtual Page Turner, like many good software programs, was originally written to solve a problem I had.

As a pianist, I accompany many musicians and perform in chamber groups. Published music is difficult to deal with in a performance situation. Pages don't stay put and sometimes I don't have a free hand when a page needs to be turned. It's not always possible to find a person to act as a page turner especially in a performance venue. Jumping back to previous pages often is requred as well and is very difficult during a performance.

This is a problem for all musicians and for pianists in particular. There are some pieces I have performed which do not give me any chance to lift my hands from the keyboard for many pages at a time.

Program Details

Virtual Page Turner is written in Python and runs on both Windows and Apple OS X. It relies on some open source software packages freely available on the web which are included on the distribution disk. Virtual Page Turner is licensed under the Gnu Public License Version 3. This means that you can freely copy Virtual Page Turner and share it with your friends. You can make changes to the program as long as you share those changes with others as well. (for more information about GPL see

Virtual Page Turner is still under active development and improvements are being made all the time. Below is a list of the current features of the program.


  1. Two Viewing Modes
  2. Bookmarks make it easy to jump to pages
  3. Enhance mode tools to improve scanned image
  4. Supports a wide variety of file formats
  5. Annotations such as fingering, sharps, flats, naturals, and text can be added to pages
  6. Scan music directly from Virtual Page Turner (In Windows Version)
  7. Pieces can be organized into lists forming recital programs
  8. Pages can be automatically turned using a built-in timer

I have used Virtual Page Turner for many performances now and find it to be extremely valuable as a performing musician. If you have comments or suggestions, I urge you to provide this feedback to me so we can make Virtual Page Turner an even better program.

X-Keys Foot Switch

The X-Keys Foot Switch is what I use with the Virtual Page Turner software to turn the pages. It comes with a disk that lets you program it to simulate pressing any key on the keyboard. There are three switches on the foot switch. (left, middle, and right)

I usually set the left button to previous page ('b') and the middle button to next page ('f')

You can use Virtual Page Turner without the foot switch by just tapping on the space bar to turn pages but having it makes life a lot easier.

MIDI Files

Also available for downloading here are MIDI files to use as accompaniments for music that you are performing. If you are a student who is learning a piece of music, you can get the piano accompaniment for your piece and sing or play along with it.

Included in the MIDI file package are two files; the MIDI file, and an mp3 file which is a rendition of this MIDI file. You can use either one as an accompaniment for your song. The advantages of the MIDI file is that you can change the tempo and the key. The advantage of the mp3 file is the better sound quality you will have (unless you send your MIDI file to a nice MIDI instrument such as a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI sound box) however you can not change the tempo or the key of the music when using the mp3 file.

If there are pieces that you would like to have a MIDI file package for, please let me know and I will do what I can to create one.

For more information on how to use MIDI files, click HERE